Turn your life into a game with iAchievement

An iPhone application that will change your life. With this app, you will turn your life goals into game achievements, similar to Achievement in XBOX, stay motivatived by pursuing your achievements and track what you have achieved. Believe me, your todos app is not designed for your life goals. Maximize your productivity while having fun.

We all live in the world that play by its rules, it works the same way as how games work. But why is real life is so boring? Why is it so frustrating; it is not fun and challenging like games. Why? Because you are not having a clear goal with rewards set. That is why. In games, you are in for a challenging world, you are going to beat down the dragon and save the princess. It sounds like so much fun right? When you actually may get eaten by a dragon and die. And the extra fun of games is achievement, yeah you get achievements to show off to your friends on the network and feel so proud, so high. Yeah, I also personally love games so much.

So I made this app, iAchievement, it is the best way to power the fun in games into a reality. How? iAchievement was designed to have a look and feel of a game achievement system. Where you have a list of what you can unlock/achieve, progresses and list of what you achieved. See the screenshots, you will get it.

So you play(live) your life, look at the phone to see what you will achieve and how far have you come. Let me give you an example; this is one big goal. You want to become a writer, like J.K. Rolling, you create your first unlock-able achievement with a title “Indie Writer!” Write how to unlock this “Wrote first book with 150 pages” and set progress start as “0/150 pages”. As you go, you will write it and progress it, then you will increase the progress, and one day, boom. Achieve it! It goes to your achievements(unlocked).

I have launched this app for a year and a half, I am surprised to see a lot of feedbacks saying it was a genius idea, people say it is really motivating to use this app and I was so happy. That’s why I created this app bro.” (But App Store is not allow replay to reviews ). Not only you will have fun achieving it, your productivity in life will rise too. See how sleek this app was made, and see how awesome it is by trying the app.

* Game Achievement style entry
* Progress tracking
* Fully customizable entry information
* Customizable categories with 10 icons available
* Achievement Trends: Visualize your progress in a chart
* 6 Different color themes
* Supported iPhone 5 and the new iPod touch 4 inches screen

iAchievement 1.22 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

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