Play With Your Creativity (On an iPad) with Brainbean 1.2

If you’re looking for a creative-boosting brain game on your iPad, look no further than Brainbean from developer Tanner Christensen. This colorful app is elegantly designed and fun for both children and adults. Brainbean reached the #3 position on the “Most Popular” apps its first week in the store. To-date the app has been downloaded more than 600,000 times.

“With its diversity of games, Brainbean provides both cognitive and creative challenges that will appeal to children and adults alike.” – TUAW

Brainbean combines time-tested creativity techniques with the touch-capable power of the iPad in order to help you:

* Build creative confidence
* Test working memory
* Craft resourcefulness
* Energize imagination
* Boost problem solving skills

“Brainbean is a colorful, kid-friendly game that will boost your students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills.” – Class Tech Tips

Currently included games:
* Letter List
* Incomplete Figure
* Remote Association
* Pattern Tiles
* Word Scramble
* Mosaic Drawing
* Broken Connections
* Block Builder

Brainbean is offered as an iPad-only app at the moment, with future versions coming out for iPhone. There are hundreds of ways to explore each game, so you’ll never be bored with Brainbean, exclusively on your iPad. There’s no complete right or wrong way to play the games.

“Brainbean stands out thanks to the quality of the artwork and the variety of challenges on offer.” – MSN Best New Apps

Brainbean 1.2 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category. Brainbean offers eight unique games based on scientific creative exercises. Four are free to play, and four additional ones can be unlocked for just $0.99 each (or $2.99 for all four). Each game is just 60 seconds, so you can pick-up Brainbean for a quick brain teaser, or play for an hour or more to really get the most benefits. For more information, please contact Tanner Christensen.

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