Daymate 1.5 adds recurring actions and Siri import with advanced linking

Nodhead Software today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Daymate 1.5, the biggest update yet to their prosumer productivity Software for iPhone and iPad. Daymate gives users control about projects and actions in their private and professional lives. Highest quality standards and carefully honed user interactions make using Daymate a joy.

Create projects and actions, add tags to actions, view actions by tag with tag mode, take advantage of the forecast by assigning due dates. Use the weekly review to validate the state of each project. Check off completed actions, delete obsolete ones, transform big actions into projects with the tap of a button or by dragging it in-between two existing projects. This and more can be done with Daymate.

New features in 1.5 are:
* Siri import with advanced linking
* Recurring actions
* Quick inbox action
* Notifications for due and due soon actions
* Optimised editor
* Refined forecast strings

Siri import with advanced linking:
To make the best Siri Integration available, we began with the obvious implementation where Daymate requires reminder access and you can choose from which reminder list to import actions from. Than we could begin to add the real power: Advanced Linking. This makes it possible for you to link additional reminder lists to specific Daymate projects. If you have a gardening list in reminders and link it your gardening project in Daymate, you can say to Siri “Add plant the lemon tree to my gardening list” and have it appear directly in your Daymate Gardening project. This advanced linking is only possible in Daymate.

Recurring actions – Actions can now be recurring with one of 4 modes:
* Copy on fixed schedule
* Copy based on completion
* Reset using fixed schedule
* Reset based on completion

The first two modes make copies of an completed action where fixed schedule means that the repeat interval gets applied to the due date and the second option based on completion means that the repeat interval gets applied based on when the action is completed. The second two modes move the due date forwards based on the same rules but they do not make copies of their actions. Instead the completion state get reset to uncompleted.

Quick inbox action:
Amazingly simple and amazingly quick. Where ever you are, it doesn’t matter which project or tag you currently look at, simply tap and hold the action creation button and Daymate will jump to your inbox to create a new action.

Notifications for due and due soon actions:
You will get notified when an action enters the due soon threshold or becomes due. We have a specially mastered sound that is decent and recognisable at the same time. We love it and hope you will too.

Optimised editor:
Because the new recurring actions feature consumes space in the editor, we thought this would be a great chance to incorporate some other feedback we received. The editor should take better advantage of available screen space. So the editor uses now more screen space and we continue to keep an eye on this.

Refined forecasts:
We had the feeling that there wasn’t enough clarity when actions come close to their due date. To solve this we changed forecast text for actions that are due today and tomorrow by enriching them with time information. Due tomorrow will be Tomorrow at 10 am for example. Depending on the current time, Due today is now Today at 9 am or Today since 9 am.

Language support:
* U.S. English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese

Daymate 1.5 for iPhone and iPad is available exclusively on the App Store at $19.99 (USD) in the Productivity category. Daymate is a universal application compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS 7.0 and later.

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