Cut Me Out pro – Chop Photos or superimpose Backgrounds

mTouchLabs today is proud to announce the release of Cut Me Out Pro 1.5, their utility app exclusively for iOS users. Have you wondered how your friends swap their faces or attached animal face? Cut Me Out is Photoshop(tm) like app one can cut some parts of the image and paste it on other images. Easy to replace background of any photo. Chop Photo or Superimpose background.

Cut Me Out is still the best photo editing app that allows you to make hilarious pics in unbelievable places. It’s so easy to use, with its Photo Chop Background Adjuster to Superimpose your images and you can go to so many places and occasions in a snap. Fooling your friends just became a bit more wicked! Cut out sections of an image in any shape and paste it to selected background photo with Cut Me Out Pro. You can create, save, and share impressive images with only a few swipes across your screen.

Main Features:
* Cut out any shape from the image and paste it on background Image
* Cut portions can be pasted in Email, SMS, Notes, or any third party app
* Supports multiple cut and paste feature (Eg. you can replace your friend’s faces in a group photo)
* Import your own background pics from Camera Roll, Photo library, Facebook, etc.
* Easily move the cut portion to any place on the background
* You can make twin effects using Duplicate feature
* Erase unwanted background with Different brush sizes and there is Undo option for accidental erase
* Cut out face from one photo and paste it in same photo or some other photo
* Multiple face cut out feature is available
* Save to Library, Email and sharing with Facebook, Twitter

What Cut Me Out users say:
“Works Great – The app works great on my photos, I simply cut the face on my photo and paste on other photos, the results were good.”

Cut Me Out Pro listed in Top 100 charts of Utilities category in US.

The wonderful, feature-rich Cut Me Out Pro 1.5 is available at just $1.99 (USD) worldwide from the App Store under the Utilities category. Cut Me Out Pro has been rated 4+ by many of its existing users.

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