ebb App for iOS reinvents private image sharing

The privacy of our online images has been in the news recently. And the news has not been good. As society is becoming increasingly concerned about online privacy, ebb reinvents private image sharing.

When meeting in person, sharing with a friend happens “in the moment”; only memories of that conversation remain. Why should our online interactions be any different? Do we really want all online interactions to stay online forever? ebb lets users recapture the magic of sharing a picture during a chance encounter with a friend.

ebb recognizes that many different types of conversations take place around images we share. Sometimes we want to give one another a glimpse of what we are doing, sometimes an image triggers a long conversation. ebb provides users with the maximum flexibility and control.

With ebb, users can share images anytime, decide with whom they would like to share them, and have a conversation with them. ebb allows users to decide exactly how long an image will be shared with each of their friends, or even choose at what time an image will first become available. Access to any image that is currently being shared can be revoked at any time. When an image expires or is revoked all the private conversations between sender and receiver disappear along with the image.

ebb has an intuitive image-centric interface where each image leads to conversations. We are used to seeing images as part of our online conversations. With ebb, the conversations become part of our images. ebb is private: our patent pending image processing technology, combined with encryption, allows us to store images and gives users full control of who has access to them, but it does not allow us to read the conversations or analyze the images. ebb mirrors our real life interactions: when an image or a conversation “ebbs away”, it also disappears from cyberspace.

With ebb users can:
* Send and receive protected images
* Chat one-on-one with anybody they are sharing an image with – Conversations are also protected and disappear when the image is revoked or expires
* Choose for how long they would like to share any one of their images with each of their friends, choose a time as short as seconds, and as long as days
* Revoke access to any of their images whenever they like
* Select at what time an image becomes initially available

* Images cannot be accessed by recipients after they have been revoked or have expired
* Images and text messages are encrypted – The keys are stored in the user devices, so that images or conversations cannot be opened in our servers; only users who are sharing can access them
* Images and conversations are removed from our servers after they have expired

ebb can be used in many different scenarios: exchange quick updates during the day, discuss a work related image, share their vacation memories, their baby pictures and more. No matter what the situation is, users can share easily, while staying in control.

Language support:
* English, Spanish and French

EBB – Secure image sharing 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

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