Sailing School Appeals to Seafarers with Educational Content

The love of the open sea is universal among mariners, whether they’re sailing beginners, motorboat captains or working seamen. That’s why Sailing School, available now for just $4.99, appeals to seafarers of all kinds with its videos, animations, questions, and other safety and education content.

This latest version 2.0.1 includes the same impressive content from Nautica SIA, a Latvian business in the seaport city of Riga. But Sailing School, reduced for a limited time from its price at $49.99, now is in a smoother and bug-free mobile app featuring full HD video lessons, test preps and exams on too many topics to list! Among them are navigation basics – definitions, calculations and the use of aids ranging from GPS to lighthouses – as well as international buoyage systems, weather and meteorology, types of anchors and understanding tides. The lessons are designed for beginners and working professionals.

“We are a world leader, and there are many large companies that work with us because our videos are really good for students and their teachers,” said CEO Askolds Hermanis. “It’s not just for sailing and sailors, who love the product, but for all boaters. Even maritime colleges use Sailing School lessons.”

The app is designed for convenient mobile use, and optimized for iPhone 5. But while it’s indispensable out on the water, Sailing School lessons are supported by additional course notes on the Nautica SIA website. The content reinforces the lessons, and the website offers news and other information for enthusiasts that ranges from practical product or service info, to salty stories about encounters with rogue waves, landmark lighthouses, and superstitions, to sailing that’s featured in film and in literature.

* Easy-to-use app is the “world’s first sailing school” for mobile devices
* Lessons feature full HD video, animation, pictures, sound, test preps and exam questions
* Sailing School topics are covered in nine different sections
* Content is useful for beginners, as a class teaching tool, or refresher for seasoned sailors

Sailing School is available for just $4.99 through the iTunes App Store in the Navigation category. It is also available at the Google Play store.

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