Fuel Burner App Is Hot: New Helicopter Challenge Game Takes Off

Fuel Burner, the latest gaming app from designer Richard (“Rick”) Roberts in New York, has taken off! Now it’s your job to make sure the game’s helicopters land in time before they run out of fuel, and it’s a challenge that’s already receiving rave reviews from enthusiasts who like the strategic demands of Fuel Burner, the level of player engagement they feel, and the progressive difficulty of the game’s 25 levels.

Fuel Burner is easy to play: Just start flying your birds around the various board obstacles. The game features all sorts of different terrain and traps you’ll have to navigate, as you make sure you take each helicopter back to its helipad safely. You earn “powerup” points for refueling when you’re winning, and stay in the game by making sure you never retrace the same path when you’re flying each chopper.

Although the rules are simple, Fuel Burner was designed with real challenge in mind. Richard Roberts, the game’s designer conceptualized the Fuel Burner game-play while he was stuck on a public transportation bus for nearly two hours in New York’s Lincoln Tunnel. “It’s not as easy as it appears to be, and that’s part of what makes Fuel Burner so addictive,” he said. “The analytical thinking, the perfect timing and the multitasking demands needed are readily visible when you first see the game’s aerial-view design and high color coordination.”

That aerial design places you above the cityscape as you pilot your helicopters above the rooftops, making sure that you land on the designated helipads at precisely the moment each tank is at zero. The smart board design is enhanced by quality graphics and sound, and the game is ready to share, too. Fuel Burner is Game Center compatible.

* Superior challenge-board design that makes for endlessly engaging play
* Multiple boards to solve, with 25 different levels from beginner to expert
* High quality color, sound and graphics
* Deceptively simple rules that keep gamers coming back for more
* No network necessary

The Fuel Burner 1.0 is available for free through the iTunes app store under Games category.

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