Picks biggest update, 1.1 is available September 16 – on the App Store

Snarkbots, Inc. is releasing their biggest update to Picks yet, available September 16 – on the App Store. A social media experience built around the things one loves, Picks allows users to search, discover, save, and share favorite books, movies, restaurants, podcasts, TV shows, and more. Users can search for info on the latest releases, create lists, share favorites with friends, keep track of what their friends are doing, or broadcast their Picks to the world. Picks brings all one’s favorite things to one location that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

* Make great lists: Top 10 horror movies. Restaurants to visit. Best TV shows of the 90’s. Books for a book club. Planning a cross country road trip. Create any list and use it to easily share favorites with friends

* To-do’s that aren’t just words: Why should lists be just pencil on paper, or just a notes file? Wouldn’t it be great if to read descriptions about books, watch a movie trailer, get the address for a restaurant, or find out how long that movie is.

* Recommend to friends: Send a recommendation to Picks pals. Also text, e-mail, Tweet, Facebook, or get social however you want. Just send a link to great tip

* Read and write reviews. Share your opinion on your favorite, or least favorite items.

* Discover what friends like: Want to be kept in the loop when friends are doing something fun? Just follow the suggestions and updates of friends! Picks is a great way to get ideas for new things to try

* Broadcast to the world: Picks can make it easier to coordinate fun outings with friends. Want to see the new superhero movie or get a group together to go the new bar? Just push the broadcast button and friends will be able to join in the conversation

Picks 1.10 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category. For all other information, contact Joe Fabisevich.

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