KitCamera Updates Dynamic Photo & Video App to Add Pro Quality Features

Developer Sebastian Short has released a new update for the popular photography and video app KitCamera, which is available now on the App Store for $1.99. The app features multiple filters and effects for shooting photos and video, offering format and editing options that allow them to be uploaded and used universally. The newest version includes improved speed and quality, as well as the addition of a “crystal” lens that adds blue chromatic effects at the edges of the image.

KitCamera gives users a more professional quality approach compared to cameras and recording devices that come standard on phones and tablets. Users can shoot photos and videos in full HD, with effects in real time mode. Additionally, users can remove effects after shots are taken without compromising the quality. Specific adjustments can also be made to focus and video resolution while capturing footage or photos to achieve accurate, desired results.

“Mobile automatically opens up the opportunity to capture and records rare moments quickly,” said Sebastian Short. “Unfortunately, when it comes to perfecting, altering or transferring content, factory apps have a hard time doing so without compromising some of the quality in the process. Our app is a great tool for people who desire a more professional look to the final product.”

When users find themselves in the editing stages, they have the ability to adjust JPEG compression to prevent uploading issues and avoid editing outside of the app. KitCamera can display a preview of EXIF metadata with histogram by each specific channel to perfect the smallest details. After users settle on a finished product, they have access to auto sharing and saving places such as Dropbox, Flickr, Google Drive and more.

“Most photo apps are built around convenience and the capability to capture a quick shot,” said Short. “We figured that people shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality in the process of getting photos on the go.”

* In app editing
* Multiple filters and effects
* Auto sharing and saving features
* Adjustable jpeg compression
* Adjustable video resolution in real time while shooting videos
* White balance and exposure setting in real time
* HD video recording

KitCamera 3.0.1 is available for $1.99 to download through the iTunes App Store, in the Photo & Video category.

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