Game Changing New App Annecto from Annecto Inc. Makes Networking Easy

Move over LinkedIn! There’s a game changing new way for professionals across the world to easily and efficiently connect anytime and anywhere, and take their careers and businesses to the next level: say hello to the new no-cost app Annecto from Annecto Inc.

Created with patented technology and available for iPhone, iPad, Android-enabled smartphones and Windows Phone, Annecto – which means “connect” in Latin – lets users search and connect in real-time with nearby professionals who share their interests, whether they’re at an expo, conference, workshop, airport, flight, or anywhere else. And still, that’s only part of the remarkable story.

That’s because Annecto uses #hashtags, but with a brilliantly clever twist: instead merely tagging a comment or content (as is done on Twitter and Facebook), it uses them to locate and connect with people in real-time. For example, everyone attending an Apple Special Event or Worldwide Developers Conference can enter the corresponding #hashtag (e.g. #specialevent or #wwdc) into Annecto’s search field, and start networking with fellow developers before, during and after the conference. This process works for any industry, interest or location worldwide.

At the same time, Annecto offers significant advantages to commercial users, including transportation companies, recruiters, event organizers and property managers:

* Transportation companies can transform their fleet into a real-time networking platform to reach customers and understand passenger needs
* Recruiters can find and meet talented potential candidates at various business functions and locations, or while on-the-go
* Event organizers can enhance the value they’re offering attendees, by providing them with an innovative new way to network and connect, as well as viewing attendee demographics (company, title, industry etc)
* Service providers and retailers can connect with prospective customers while they’re on-site in order to attract traffic, generate leads and close sales

“Essentially, Annecto is to networking what Google is to search,” commented Mathieu Haddad of Annecto Inc. “It’s not just designed to make life easier and simpler, but to completely change how people network and connect anytime and anywhere. Quite simply, Annecto combines a geological platform with an advanced search engine to facilitate human interaction in a whole new – and profoundly improved – way!”

Annecto 1.9.2, the game changing new app that makes networking easy and efficient by connecting professionals in real-time, is Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Social Networking category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

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