I know countries 1.3 for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad – An Apple Maps Game

grapevine-cottage today is proud to announce the release of “I know countries” 1.3 for iPhone, iPod and iPad. The app leverages full Apple maps support to provide a new and unique user experience while navigating: the map responds to a touch and highlights country boundaries and area, drops a pin at the capital location and shows a callout with flag, while speaking country name and capital name. This experience is available to users for exploring, an automated show mode, or competing in game mode against other players (game center).

In an initial statement, the lead developer talked about the enhanced user experience: “The Apple maps technology today provides a fantastic platform to explore the world and learn the countries and capitals by intuitive pinch to zoom and pan to move – the tap then makes the interactive experience, as the map seems to respond by zooming the country in, highlighting the borders, show the flag and speak country and capital name. This response is really engaging, and drives you to tap around, and learn about countries you have never heard of before.”
Going on, he mentioned the game mode, where the user has to find given countries as quickly as possible through navigating on the map. In several user tests this was found to be “fun for kids and adults alike”. He said, that “this map enhancement has a great educational value – you get engaged in navigating countries on the map, and in short time you become an expert in naming and locating more than 200 world countries on the globe”. Through Game center integration users can compete with their family and friends, and challenge their achievements.
As a bonus mode, the app provides an automatic show, where countries world wide are shown at random, where the user just sits back to watch and listen.

The app supports all map types standard, satellite and hybrid, as well as the standard map navigation features for apps, including 3D mode at applicable map and zoom levels. All map details are available to the user, supporting direct drilldown to city street level.

“You really have to feel it yourself – touching the country, hearing the response makes a very intuitive and engaging experience.” the lead developer summarized to conclude his statement.

* The app is available fully localized in English and in German; however the
map items ( country names, city names) are available in all Apple supported languages.

User support:
* Contact to support is available via the website, support languages are English and

* designed for kids
* full leverage of apple maps
* new user experience for navigating the map (tap to highlight country, capital; speech output)
* Modes for user exploration and automatic show
* Game mode with Game center integration
* more than 200 countries available world wide
* available for IOS and Mac/OSX

I know countries 1.3 is priced at $0.99 (or equivalent in other countries) and is available worldwide exclusively through the IOS App Store in the Kids (9-11) and in the Reference category.

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