Kids-Zone – A Safe and Mobile Place for Children to Play and Learn

Children are fascinated by our smartphones and tablets, and why shouldn’t they be? They observe us becoming elated or showing disappointment upon opening a text message, receiving a phone call, or checking our e-mail and various messenger inboxes. It’s also easy to download an app or two and hand the device off to a toddler or young child to keep them occupied when a loud toy is not appropriate. Why not allow them to use an app that is both educational and interactive? Kids-Zone is a kid-friendly app that can help your child retain things like the alphabet and nursery rhymes, even when you don’t have cell service!

Kids-Zone allows children to watch cartoon movies and animated scenes, including movies made especially for educational purposes. There is an excellent selection of childrens’ songs to choose from as well. This creates a safe-zone for kids to browse on their caretaker’s phones, and find media that is both stimulating and educational. Every video has been personally reviewed by the developer team to verify that it is appropriate for young children.

“Many video apps aren’t made exclusively for children, so it’s easy for them to navigate away from safe-zones,” said app developer Ahmed Jaffar Ghezwi, “we designed this to be a safe place for kids to learn and interact, even when not online.”

* Child-appropriate cartoons and animated scenes
* Songs to learn and sing-along to
* Educational videos
* Downloadable videos for offline entertainment
* Only contains content appropriate for kids

The app features a download option for every video, enabling kids and caretakers to store their favorite videos with songs, lessons, and characters that they love to watch again and again.

Smartphones and tablets are a major part of many of our lives now. Providing a safe place for kids to entertain and educate themselves on mobile technology is a big concern for responsible caretakers. Having a service that provides a variety of educational entertainment at your fingertips ensures that kids will have a safe zone to entertain themselves in for those long car rides, doctor appointments, and other errands, as well as when the adults want a quiet moment, that arise throughout everyday life.

Kids-Zone 1.0 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category.

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