Creating a Connected World, for Gamers

Appota Corporation today is proud to announce the official launch of onClan, the first social media networking app that gives gamers all the tools they need to connect globally. onClan builds upon both the Game Center concept and the model of social networking. With a single, central place to interact, gamers can use text, voice and video chat, as well as record images and video of their gaming experience to share with friends and user groups.

* Instantly message and share video or images while within any game or the app
* Instant auto-translate within chat feature connects gamers of all nationalities
* Retain friendships, independent of current social networks, regardless of what games you chose to play

No longer is there a need to use real-identity social networks to access games, nor does one have to create multiple user accounts across multiple platforms. The capability of messaging in-game or just within the app creates endless possibilities to share information, meet new people and retain friendships regardless of what one is playing. For gamers, both frequent and casual, the ability to interact with games in a much more profound manner means a better end-user experience, as well as numerous benefits to developers as well.

Why onClan is groundbreaking:
It’s a situation many of us can relate to. We have played a game for a few months up to a year. Eventually we lose interest in it and decide to quit. However, all the relationships we have forged with fellow guild or clan-mates is now gone. No longer – irrespective of what one plays, those you meet and want to befriend can stay in your onClan social circles. The same Guild you had in Clash of Clans can now form in any game. The transfer of information and capacity to reach a group of in-game friends has never been easier. onClan nurtures the social aspect of being in a collective, creating groups of users with common interests – regardless of whether they are friends on current social networks or not. A genuine gaming community is now at our fingertips.

Although the idea of creating a connected world is as old as the Internet itself, with onClan and its powerful SDK, the cliche carries a lot of weight. Specifically, in the application’s chat features, language is automatically translated based on a phone’s ISP. With language no longer a barrier, gamers can truly link up with other gamers, everywhere.

Delve Deeper into Your Game:
Combining like-minded gamers into groups not only means greater interaction, but also facilitates the sale and purchase of in-game items. Developers too will have access to end-users, and be able to communicate much more effectively to answer questions, solve problems and disseminate information, promotions and rewards.

The platform will use the opportunity to maximize user engagement and consequently a consumers’ lifetime value will increase. onClan can scan a device for all existing games and applications. Tracking a users’ online footprint and understanding gaming habits and paying behaviors is beneficial in steering them towards appropriate game groups.

The casual gamer can discover new content based on their gaming history and what their friends play. Hardcore gamers will use the space as a way to read and showcase tips, tricks, information and accomplishments. Developers will have direct communication channels opened for them to their client-base and be able to precisely target users who are willing to pay for in-game content.

With everything and everyone under the same umbrella, Appota understands that there is a need for timely and effective service. As such, there is a customer care team for each group: gamers and developers.

Revenue model and Who We Are:
Revenues will come from game publishing (revenue sharing with developers who publish their games on the platform), revenue sharing through content distribution and advertising (all advertising and promotion activities that are carried out for the developer).

Although still a new company, Appota (which means Application Over the Air) has risen to become Vietnam’s number-one mobile content distribution platform. It allows developers and game publishers to effectively distribute their content to the largest smartphone communities in South-East Asia (where Vietnam currently accounts for 13 million users).

The company has partnered with over 10,000 developers and advertisers worldwide, including NHN, Kakao, Line, Metaps, InMobi, VNG, VTC Online and FPT Online. Appota brings highly localized content to end-users and runs highly engaged communities in popular social media outlets.

Core products include:
* onClan, the first social mobile gaming platform that puts a laser focus on increasing gamer engagement
* Gamehub – the first mobile game portal providing video and editorial reviews and gift-codes for popular games
* Appdaily – an affiliate tool that helps boost user acquisition through in-store pre-installation of games and apps. Investment in several leading Vietnamese game studios including Joy Entertainment enables the platform to cater to some of the best mobile games used worldwide.

Appota continues to innovate, fostered in part from the numerous international awards it has won, including “The Most Disruptive 2012” and “The Best in Asia 2013,” granted by The Founder Institute. Appota was sole representative from Vietnam in the 4th Global Entrepreneurship Summit in 2013 and most recently, the 3rd Prize and Global Brain Award at Startup Asia Arena in Tokyo on the 4th of September.

onClan 1.3.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

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