Crack the Visual Code with Flow Studios Iconic

Launching today on iOS and Android, Iconic offers players incredibly witty puzzles created by translating everyday icons into bands, movies, and celebrity names. The game challenges everyone’s knowledge of pop culture with the same symbols that define life in the 21st century.

Flow Studio takes well-known icons such as Go, Play, Shop, Smile, Like, Share and turns them into beautifully designed puzzles. For example, two icons (one representing an iron followed by another representing a man) would result in Iron Man (the movie). More than raw memory – or rote memorization – Iconic requires visual thinking and knowledge in order to win.

Key Features:
* 200 awesome hand-drawn icons
* Categories include Movies, Music, and People (with more categories to come)
* Share any quiz on Facebook if you need help from friends
* Every solved puzzle includes a Wikipedia excerpt

“People are now used to visual ‘abbreviations’ of all sorts. We read symbols much faster than text – faster than ever before,” says Petr Fodor, co-founder of Flow Studio. “With Iconic, we’ve pushed this ‘visual language’ to the extreme and made it beautiful with minimalistic design cues. Iconic is a completely original, ridiculously fun puzzle game for pop culture fiends ready for their next challenge.”

Iconic 1.1 is Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play. Players earn coins (the game’s currency) simply by playing the game. As coins accumulate, they can be redeemed for three types of hints (exposing a correct letter, removing an incorrect letter, or solving the entire puzzle). If players run out of coins, they can earn more in-game or through in-app purchases.

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