Bad Driver Database Allows Good Drivers to Voice their Frustration

Guys who park their souped-up monster truck in two – sometimes three – parking spaces. Ladies who believe that their rear-view mirror is more useful for applying mascara than seeing what or who’s behind them. Oblivious drivers that go 10 miles under the speed limit with cars stacking up behind them. And lest we forget: folks who might as well uninstall turn signals because they don’t know how to use them. These are just a few examples of the many, many drivers out there whose days of carelessness, recklessness and sheer stupidity behind the wheel are numbered, thanks to the ingenious new iPhone an Android app Bad Driver Database by Facile Group.

Here’s how Bad Driver Database works: rather than getting enraged or possibly putting themselves in harm’s way, users who spot a bad driver simply input that bad driver’s state and license plate number into the app. Absolutely no personal information is captured or transmitted (either the user’s or the bad driver’s), ensuring bad driver’s can be reported without sharing sensitive data. Driver’s should ensure they access Bad Driver Database safely when their vehicle is parked, or alternatively a passenger can enter details on-the-move.

Instantly, users see how many times that particular bad driver has been flagged by other users – which is a good way to see if the mistake is just a one-off, or the act of a habitually terrible driver. And even more importantly, users help the community of safe, sane and considerate drivers hold bad driver’s accountable for their inconsiderate, or at worst dangerous, decision-making behind the wheel.

Plus, users can search their own license plate to see if they’ve been added to the database, which can help them see if it’s time for a little – or perhaps a lot – of road re-education.

“We created the Bad Driver Database to give all of the good drivers out there a powerful way to voice their frustration with bad drivers, but in a way that avoids road rage incidents,” commented Mitch Jansen. “Even good drivers can sometimes make mistakes, the app also helps them see how many times they were caught making bad driving decisions.”

Bad Driver Database 1.4, the ingenious new app from Facile Group, is Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Reference category. There is also a version for Android-enabled smartphones on Google Play.

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