Anime Stickers App Brings Conversations To Life With Stickers

Launching today, the new Anime Stickers app helps people express their emotions with stickers. Joseph Liu and his team bring a whole new experience to messaging. The app offers a vast variety of anime stickers with each of them showing a different emotion, personality, pose, or activity. When chatting with a friend, instead of writing the user simply picks the emoticon he feels closest to at a particular moment and sends it. It is a much more personal way of communicating than plain words.

“When you look at the App Store, you’ll see that the majority of emoji and sticker apps uses the same stickers and similar graphics which isn’t really great for the user. That was the reason to develop the app – to make a better product which people will love to use.”, said Joseph Liu, Anime Stickers cocreator.

Being developed since April, Anime Stickers is the product of Liu’s desire to change the user experience of emoji & stickers apps and his teams’ passion for Japanese anime art and culture. During the brainstorming process the Czech-born developer noticed the low quality of high ranked emoji apps in the Apple App Store. That was the motivation behind making every detail of the app perfect.

Altogether the app features 160 stickers organized into 8 categories of 20 stickers each. Each category contains emotions and poses of one character which means that there are 8 different anime characters in the app. It’s also very easy to share the stickers with friends by various social messaging apps such as iMessages, Whatsapp, Twitter, or Facebook.

People who cannot find the right words to say can use anime stickers. This app can make online chat more personal and users can have fun exchanging stickers with their friends, family, and colleagues.

Anime Stickers 1.0 is Free with in-app purchases and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category. Every user has access to 2 free categories and has the option to unlock one more by sharing the app on Facebook. The remaining 5 categories can be unlocked via in-app purchases for just $0.99 USD (or the same value in a different currency depending on the region). The ads may be removed for another $0.99 USD.

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