SaySelfiee App- Androids Selfie Mode Invades iPhone

Taking Selfies using the iPhone will never be the same now that “SaySelfiee” has been released. The iPhone camera app doesn’t have “Selfie” mode preset like all Android phones. SaySelfiee is the answer to that. This is the first mobile app that makes Selfies look like they were done in a professional studio setting. Ever since the app was released, the Mobile App Forums and Blogs have been seeing quite a lot of activity around it.

Ever since the first mobile phone with a camera was available, there were Selfies. Those were the days of standing in front of mirrors hoping to get a clear shot. When mobile phones came out with double-cameras it was a matter of how long a person’s arm was. Imagine an app that will allow the user to take a hands-free photo, with voice guidance to tell the user to: “Tilt Left or Right” or “Tilt-up or Down.” Now it is an easy matter to take “Couple” shots. Select a good distance for a great photo and this app will tell you when it is about to take the “Automatic Selfie” with an audio cue.

“SaySelfiee” is rocking the world of taking Selfies. It will do all of the above, plus it has editing features. Accurate face detection ensures the Selfie is taken at its best angle. After the image is cleaned-up and beautified, it can be shared with social media with just 1 click. Without a doubt, “SaySelfiee” is a game-changer in the crowded Mobile App arena. Of note is the fact that it is the first camera app that has crystal clear voice guidance to guide users to the perfect Selfie. This is Selfies made simple: Open the app, turn the phone around, follow voice directions and the Selfie gets auto-taken. Users will find 4 Camera Presets: Single & Portrait, Single & Landscape, Couple & Portrait, and Couple & Landscape.

SaySelfiee – Selfie camera with editing tools to auto snap perfect, gorgeous, stunning and flawless photos 1.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.

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