Alarm clock iPhone app built upon smile detection technology

ArtyApps today is proud to announce the release of Smiley Alarm 1.0.1, their new utility app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. We all need a new way to start the day a bit more positively. And Smiley Alarm app does the job. It is a unique alarm clock app built upon emotion detection technology: You just need to smile to the front camera to turn the alarm off.

Smiling makes you healthy! Scientists proved that smile does good for your entire body: stress hormones lower and happiness hormones raise. Smile is also known to lower the blood pressure. Smile will trigger positive emotions via face muscles neuron connections. Your body “remembers” that when you smile you are happy, and we can bring ourselves into this state deliberately.

App features:
* Minimalistic light design – Alarm clock itself has the basic needed functionality without any distracting additions
* Emotion detection library is custom built for Smiley Alarm (thanks to more powerful processors we can do it nowadays)
* Full version allows to change alarm sound (7 custom tunes available)
* After you wake up and turn the alarm off with your smile you have an option to save the picture to camera roll or you can share that funny face to Facebook or Instagram
* If something goes wrong and your face is so sleepy the app can not recognize it, you will be able to turn alarm off manually with swipe

Smiley Alarm Clock 1.0.1 is free (with inapp purchase for custom alarm sounds) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category from August 26 2014.

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