TakeOff Running Shows its Face on Apple App Store

The Development Innovations team has finally released the TakeOff Running App on the Apple App Store. Now, gamers are able to see enjoy the wonderful excitement of all the characters and the smooth game play all across the board. Since launching, gamers everywhere have grabbed a hold of this app and its hilarious storyline.

Just in case you’re not aware of the hilariousness that exists within this storyline, check this out. Beth Nolan is a teenage girl who’s sitting on the couch at home, watching television. Her parents come downstairs to say they’re going to run a few errands and they warn her not to have any friends over while they’re away. However, as soon as they walk out the door, Beth grabs the telephone and calls her boyfriend, Christian Skater. He comes over and the two are sitting on the couch watching a movie when they nervously begin to go in for a kiss.

As soon as the teens start to pucker up, they hear a car door slam shut and in walks Mr. Nolan. Instead of asking questions, he’s already filled with anger, so he charges after Christian who decides to jump out the window. Mr. Nolan then begins chasing him down the street.

Now the object of TakeOff Running is to dodge the angry parent for as long as you can. Whether you’re being chased through the neighborhoods, the marketplace or even the giant bridges, the only goal should be to get away and rack up as many points as you possibly can. The gamers must dodge oncoming traffic, little children playing in the streets, tumbling crates and so much more. To help the gamers a little bit throughout the game, there are several features that have been incorporated.

Let’s focus on the cool, red diamonds! Grab one of these babies and you’re well on your way maintaining your lifesavers. On top of that, running isn’t the only way to get away. Gamers might also get the chance to grab a bolt pack and fly through the skies, grab a pogo stick and bounce through town. Gamers can even grab a scooter and zip through the oncoming traffic a little faster. There’s so much to do in this app that gamers will never get to experience the magnitude of everything that TakeOff Running offers.

Also, let’s not forget about the incorporation of social media. Gamers will now be able to post their scores to their Twitter and Facebook pages. This is great because it gives them a chance to brag about their high scores and also create a little bit of healthy competition in the process. Gamers will be thrilled to see just how their friends and family get pulled into posting their own high scores to the leader boards.

On top of everything else, this app has cool characters who each have their own personas that are unique and fun. So, now that TakeOff Running is available all across the board, it’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the world receives its already thriving success on the app store. Check it out! Download it and tell the team what you think. Until then, stay tuned to new updates coming out next month.

TakeOff Running 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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