Mobileaze Announces Ripil for iPhone

Mobileaze LLC is pleased to introduce the Ripil app for iOS devices. The app will allow you to earn badges and increase your kindness score by logging everyday deeds, recruit new people to Ripil, and by getting your deeds passed on. The interactive Ripil map will allow you to follow the next step in your deeds journey. Your deed could be passed on to a friend, someone you’ve never met, maybe even a popular celebrity or athlete, even the President of the United States. Who knows, your “ripil” could lead to a world change.

Become the kindest person in your city via the Ripil Leaderboard that keeps track of the Top 10 kindest people in the Top 25 kindest cities around the world. This platform is also well designed for Educators and schools. It will allow students and teachers to track their acts of kindness, connect classmates and watch as their influence and habits grow kinder.

Compete in “head to head” kindness challenges with your friends, have your city go up against another city to see who is kinder, or have a local school challenge another school to see who’s students can hit a certain amount of deeds first. Companies small and large can compete with each other as well as we find out who are the kindest companies in the world. Ripil can be your own personal kindness journal or a way to share more kindness throughout the world.

Ripil 1.1.3 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category.

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