Rhythm Studio 1.10 for iOS Puts Recording Studio at Your Fingertips

Pulse Code today is pleased to introduce another update to its premier universal electronic music making app, Rhythm Studio. The latest update to Rhythm Studio includes core audio enhancements.

What makes Rhythm Studio stand out?
Rhythm Studio balances advanced music making features by using an easy to understand interface resembling real instruments. This means that one button does one thing just like it would with real hardware. Knobs turn, switches slide, and buttons press. You won’t get lost in abstract interfaces, menus, or design.

Imagine having a studio of rare vintage synths and drum machines in the palm of your hand. Beautifully rendered synthesizers make seeing the app as enjoyable as hearing it. Rhythm Studio is the next best thing to having the real hardware.

Main Features Include:
* Full music production studio
* Emulations of classic synthesizers and drum machines
* TB-3 Digital Bassline Synthesizer
* Gemini Two Oscillator Synthesizer
* Phoenix SuperSaw Synthesizer
* FM-3 Frequency Modulation Synthesizer
* ST-1 Sample Tone Synthesizer
* Hornet Ribbon Synthesizer
* DR-8 Digital Rhythm Drum Machine
* DR-9 Digital Rhythm Drum Machine
* Easy to navigate workspace
* Multiple ways to make music to suite your creative process
* WIST sync
* Bluetooth song sharing
* Background audio support
* Audiobus support

Rhythm Studio 1.10 is on sale for one week at only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category.

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