Flashy Bird Fly Up – MultiPlayer app is an alternative to Swing Copters

Infosil proudly announces that its multiplayer version of the game Flashy Bird: Fly Up is available on the App Store. Flashy Bird: Fly up is a beautiful, challenging and fun alternative to the frustrating Swing Copters app released by the developer of Flappy Bird. The players can play this app as a solo version and can also compete against other players. There are six beautiful worlds through which the players fly Flashy Bird and their pets.

Flashy Bird: Fly Up offers a unique game play where the birds fly up vertically through an obstacle maze. The game consists of over 100 different levels played in six different worlds: Pets, Jungle, Magic, Desert, Forest and Mountain worlds. Capture special gems as you fly through these worlds for Flashy Bird and release all the pets from Flashy’s control.

* Vertically Fly through obstacles
* Race against other players
* Play in solo mode.
* 100 levels
* Six mesmerizing worlds.
* Six cute pets and one greedy bird make the game fun
* Challenge friends

This game is fun to play for players of all ages and lets you get real sense of achievement. The players advance through a series of levels as they get better at playing this game. Watch out for the obstacles as they get harder to navigate as your skills improve. Though the levels are challenging you will not feel frustrated as you play Flashy Bird: Fly Up.

Flashy Bird: Fly Up 1.3 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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