MiBlock Lets Users Create Their Own Universe & Share Them With The World

Tayasui, the renowned development firm behind the celebrated apps Tayasui Sketches, Talking Carl!, Drawing Carl and Smack that Gugl – all of which reached #1 on App Store charts worldwide – announced today that it has launched MiBlock, a new iPad app at no cost that lets users create their own universe by making great models and sharing them with the world.

Whether they want to create something great in a few minutes or invest hours to craft a masterpiece, users start by dropping various blocks such as cubes, prisms, cylinders, cones, spheres and more into a 3D canvas. They then can paint their blocks any color with the easy-to-use palette system or add textures for a more realistic look and feel. They can look at their model from any angle using a 360 degree camera, zoom in and out to see both small details and the big picture. Along the way, every time users build a new block, they earn a “MiStar”. With enough MiStars, they can then buy more blocks, weapons, textures, pre-built models and more!

However, while this model building aspect alone makes MiBlock worth downloading and exploring, this is just the beginning – once users have finished creating, they can have fun blowing up everything with the help of several zany weapons, including TNT, ray gun, dynamite, bombs, grenades and much more. The destruction sequence actually uses realistic physics models to add a level accuracy that must be seen to be truly appreciated. If they aren’t in a destructive mood, users can add a car to their scene and enjoy a fun ride in their model.

MiBlock also includes 12 fantastic pre-built models crafted by a world-class artist to follow: Robot, Pirate Ship, Skateboarder, Castle, Rock Star and many more. And when they’re ready to reveal their unique creation, users can:

* Share their greatest creations with the MiBlock community and get famous worldwide
* Explore and download all models and universes within the MiBlock community and see featured and popular items
* Like and build upon other people creations, blow them up or drive around them

“While there are many exciting aspects of MiBlock, we think that users will fall in love with how easy it is to create unique, colorful models – and how much fun it is to destroy or ride them!” commented Tayasui’s Yann le Coroller. “And just as wonderfully, users can create something great in a few seconds, or they can take more time and craft a masterpiece. It’s completely up to them – the only limit is imagination!”

MiBlock 1.2, the brilliant new no-cost iPad app that lets users create their own universe by making great models and sharing them with the world, is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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