Terrella: An unapologetically challenging game for iOS

Quiet Spark today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Terrella 1.0 for iOS, a game that is as challenging for the reflexes as it is for the mind. Terralla is for those who love puzzles, have quick reflexes, and can wrap their brains around Terrella’s uncommon game play. This is harder than one might think.

Terrella features a control system that challenges the mind. Players use the four color control system while trying to remember that opposite colors attract each other and identical colors repel. Mastering this concept will help players find solutions to remove the obstacles that stand between Terrella and the goal.

When players find themselves in a sticky situation, Terrella’s companion Boost is there to help. Timed just right, Boost can also be used to push Terrella through a level faster. The faster a player finishes, the higher the bonus will be. Terrella also features multiplayer with live chat through Apple’s Game Center. For even more fun, players can race against friends through different levels in real-time. Live chat in multiplayer can prove to be very entertaining.

Terrella 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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