Fishy Feathers on iOS is a Bird Game You Can Actually Beat

Lucky Mask Games Inc. today proudly announces the release of Fishy Feathers 1.0.0, its first game on iOS devices. Fishy Feathers begins chronicling Larry the Bird after the entire Earth is flooded. The only way for this little bird to survive is to move up the food chain by eating fish, picking up chips and traveling the world.

Unlike the dozens of “bird” clones on the App Store, Fishy Feathers features beautiful graphics alongside its addictive, old-school appeal. Gamers will navigate through different worlds and collect a multitude of power-ups that will help them along the journey. Instead of simply competing against the previous high score, Fishy Feathers is an homage to great side-scrolling console games with an end goal and an incredible variety of challenges, hazards and characters.

* Collect chips and eat fish to work your way up the food chain
* Complete challenges and advance to new, beautiful levels
* Unlock additional characters, levels and power-ups
* Get your head in the clouds for a crazy bonus round when you find a glowing chip
* Simple and fun diving and swimming mechanics
* Beautiful locations to explore
* Play as a variety of exotic birds
* Utilize tons of powerups
* Collect chips to buy upgrades
* Complete challenges to unlock new items

“We created Fishy Feathers to be a fun alternative to the overly simple, mindless games that are currently saturating the App Store,” said Adam Carbone, 3-D artist at Lucky Mask Games. “Fishy Feathers is easy to pick up and enjoy, but it requires an element of strategy and a goal of progression that’s lacking from so many games right now.”

Fishy Feathers 1.0.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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