The Clear Skin App will take 10 years off of your Photo

Skinny Photo Editor and Collage Inc. is proud to announce the release of Clear Skin 1.1 for iOS. The Clear Skin App will take 10 years off of your photo. Maybe more! Your selfie will never look so good. When you are browsing all the gossip magazines at your local grocery store. Do you ever wonder why all those images are flawless? Those people don’t really look that good. Even movie stars have acne, wrinkles, and just plain bad skin. They have teams of people making sure that everything looks just right through the magic of photo editing. So why not do the same! Remove Acne, blemishes, wrinkles and add a little color to you eyes and lips using Clear Skin. You can also flawlessly whiten teeth that have turned yellow from coffee or cigarettes. Have fun making your photo’s turn out great!

* Remove Acne with a couple of swipes on a photo
* Smooth Wrinkles in minutes with just the flick of a finger
* Whiten Teeth in seconds cased by smoking, coffee or tea
* Brighten / Enhance areas like eye color, lips or skin
* Use the Teeth whitener to when eyes that may be yellow from a late night
* Also use the Smooth / Wrinkle remover to smooth cellulite on arms an legs
* Post your finished images to photos, Facebook and Twitter

Clear Skin 1.1 is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.

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