New Champion Football Kick – New wave of football game from OhOhGames

OhOhGames is pleased to announce the release of New Champion Football Kick 1.0.1, its fun game title for iPhone, ipad and iPod touch. Very simple to play, New Champion Football Kick is a game all about football. Players draw a path on the touch screen to get the ball up and flying towards the goal. What is tricky is the goalkeeper; the more the game progress the harder the goalkeeper is. So players have to think about how to draw the path in order to beat the goalkeeper. There are 12 levels of goalkeeper for your exploration in free kick and wall kick modes. The first levels are easy so that the player can get it start whereas the final levels will show off a superman goalkeeper.

In world cup mode, player will fight for one of the 32 teams to get the cup just like in real football world cup at Brazil 2014, and what make the world cup mode the most exciting part of the game is now player are not only a kicker but also a goalkeeper, and from that player may figure out how difficult a goalkeeper’s job is. The AI in world cup mode will definitely give the most exciting and addictive moments in the game.

* Free kick mode where the goalkeeper is the only obstacle
* Wall kick mode where the goalkeeper together with the human wall are the obstacles
* World cup mode where player fight for one of 32 teams to get the cup. Player not only do a kick but also become a goalkeeper

Version 1.0.1 include several minor bugs fix and changing the icon of the game to match with the versions on google play and windows phone.

New Champion Football Kick 1.0.1 is currently Free and available worldwide in the Games category.

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