Spray Can – sketch, draw, paint takes the lead

With more than 6.5 million uploaded pictures in total and thousands of new pictures and comments every day, “Spray Can – sketch, draw, paint” forms a unique painting app, which combines art with social media. In 2009 “Spray Can” was released by rapidrabbit, originally designed for playing pranks by simulating graffiti spray can sounds, such as shaking or spraying. Due to its realistic sound effects and graphics, the app quickly became a biggie and took over the top download lists of North America and Europe.

Spurred by success rapidrabbit’s developers implemented a painting feature, adding additional colors and the option to share all the wonderful artworks via Facebook and Twitter. A new online gallery, plus a rating/commenting function, were the final touches before “Spray Can” cracked the US download charts’ top 3 and hit the top 25 several times.

After that constant improvements regarding drawing tools, usability and depiction in the online gallery have led to a renewed success of “Spray Can – sketch, draw, paint”, which meanwhile contains more than one million accounts. Today the app took the leading place in German App Store download charts among the free entertainment apps. The same results at international level are yet to come.

Spray Can 5.1.3 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category.

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