iOS Indie: One Tap RPG – Pachinko-like Dungeon Crawler

Tinytouchtales today announces the release and immediate availability of One Tap RPG, their Pachinko-like Dungeon Crawler App developed for iPhone & iPad devices. One Tap RPG is a retro style Pachinko-like Dungeon Crawler. Watch your character slash through randomly generated Dungeons, while being controlled only by Pachinko-like physics. Level up and use powerful spells to slay even more dangerous monsters, collect their gold and enter the Highscores. Compete in the Daily-Challenge where a fixed set of Monsters and a permanent Dungeon gets created, combined with a special Highscore for each new day.

One Tap RPG features retro style Pixel graphics and 8Bit music and sound effects. Each game will be different due to the randomized dungeon layout and the varying monster placement. One Tap RPG is the perfect game to player a few rounds while waiting in line or driving in public transport.

* Physics based Pachinko-like gameplay
* Randomly generated dungeons
* Daily challenge mode with global highscore
* Level and spell system
* Different monsters per dungeon
* Retro style graphics and sounds

The 6th of August 2014, One Tap RPG 1.1 is offered as a $0.99 Premium Download and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. The App is localization in English.

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