Canword 1.1 – Read Latest News and All Social Feeds in One Location

Valvirt Technologies today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Canword 1.1, their new omni reader for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Drawing from sources all over the world, Canword displays news relevant to the user’s geographic location and interests. Synched every five minutes, Canword delivers news articles and stories in their entirety.

Feature Highlights:
* Intuitive and easy-to-navigate User Interface
* Seamless and elegant news feed
* View news relevant to geographic location and interests
* 16 different streams to choose from
* Receive all social feeds by linking Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts
* Ability to save or favorite articles in Journal
* Create new Journal folders
* Synchs every 5 minutes
* Delivers articles in full
* Change font sizes and background settings

Canword allows users to easily log in with their Facebook account. After opening Canword, users are prompted to select from several categories, or streams, of interest. There are 16 different streams including:
* Art
* Bollywood
* Breaking News
* Design
* Finance
* Fitness
* Food
* Funny
* Gaming
* Hollywood
* Miscellaneous
* Photography
* Politics
* Sports
* Startups
* Technology

Upon selecting a stream, the most recent news and story headlines related to each of these topics are displayed on the user’s home page. Users can select each article and read it in its entirety. Canword provides the option of saving the article in a new and convenient “read-it-later” tool known as the Journal. Users can save any article to the Journal to be read later or organized as a Favorite. The user may also create new Journal folders to store articles. Each article saved in the Journal will continue to be available to the user, even if the publisher removes the original from the World Wide Web.

Canword provides users with the convenience of viewing all their social media feeds in one location. Users can connect their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to Canword to receive their social feeds in one place. Canword supports the full functionality of these third-party apps including the ability to post, comment, like, and share from within Canword. Users can also share their favorite headlines or stories via Facebook, Twitter, and E-mail.

Canword allows customization of the user interface through the Settings feature. Users can change the background of the articles from black to white or alter the font size. They can also decide which news agencies can post to their stream through a simple unchecking process that will modify their preferences. Additionally, Canword also provides the ability for the user to open the news articles directly in their web browser.

Version 1.1 provided minor UI modifications and increased functionality to Canword. The update also added the Instagram feed and Journal features.

“Canword ensures you receive the latest headlines for news that interests you,” says Harscelle Goenka, CEO of Valvirt Technologies. “If you’re not interested in sports, you certainly don’t want to see a bunch of headlines related to that topic. Drawing from top publishers from around the world, Canword makes it easy for you to select the information you want to read about. And we make it convenient by providing a one-stop shop, so to speak. You can connect your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to Canword and interact with all your social media feeds in one place! Canword provides a fast and seamless reading experience that is already winning the world over.”

Canword 1.1 is free and available exclusively through the App Store in the News category. Canword is also available on Google Play.

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