Teens can find all answers with Digalator Teen on iOS

Ken DeVellis, an innovative mobile lifestyle solutions developer, has announced the launch of Digalator Teen for iOS on the App Store. Compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices, Digalator Teen is an eloquently simple yet immensely powerful help desk and private forum that provides teens with a solution to navigate through almost any problems they come across in their everyday lives.

The app helps teens find answers to questions both large and small alike, by using a simple step-by-step process, taking the anxiety and confusion out of the equation and guiding the teen to the answers they need without worrying or time consuming states of indecision. Instead, this app helps to bring teens into a comfortable state of mind where teens get the right information, when it’s needed.

The app features a simple to use navigation menu. Just select a Topic, then select a Concern, then tap to get immediate information and support. Digalator Teen contains the following main sections: Guides, Multimedia, Info & Resources, Private Forum, and Help. Regardless of whatever problem teens have, in each section they can get detailed info regarding the problems they experience.

Teen problems are almost always complex and can require them to juggle lots of different variables at once as they attempt to answer them – sometimes more than they can handle on their own. This is just one of the reasons that drove Ken DeVellis to create Digalator Teen. In the Guides section teens can learn more about the Concerns, Typical causes, Common symptoms, and Tips for dealing with it. Multimedia section gives access to favorite songs, videos, art, quotes, or poems.

There is also a Info & Resources features list of dedicated websites (and Topic Videos) to access great information and support on each concern. Teens can share their problems and thoughts using app’s Private Forum. All sections, directly or indirectly, will help teens find help and support from individuals and organizations around the world in an absolutely anonymous way.

Digalator Teen is a well rounded mobile app that’s as impressive as its creatively artistic visual flair, and the application itself runs smoothly without the headaches of freezes or lagging graphics. Don’t sit around wondering what to do, download Digalator Teen app and find help for all teens problems and start leading a more fulfilling life with Digalator Teen today.

A brand new take on information gathering and support, Digalator Teen 1.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category.

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