Speaking Times Tables HD for iPad – really simple and fun multiplication

Do kids know learning multiplication can be really simple and fun? Chances are they don’t. Mom and Dad don’t know either. That is because a new way for young children to learn this part of math has just become available through an interactive app for iPad from Mindwarp Consultancy Ltd.

Speaking Times Tables uses interactive testing to provide real-time ways for children to measure their understanding of multiplication. The young student sees which problems are answered correctly and which are mistakes, and Speaking Times Tables allows them to try their incorrect answers again. Families will be able to test the new teaching method at no charge during the first week of availability.

Speaking Times Tables HD for iPad uses the spoken word, interactive learning and multiple choice testing. The screens showing the problems use bright, vibrant colors and feature fun and engaging sounds with a cute monkey theme. Some other developers have utilized speech for the same purpose but their products tend to depend a great deal on lots of text and are not as easy to use and comprehend. The way the new app works can be seen in the video.

The child is able to listen, learn and then be tested. Immediate feedback is a key feature. If a sum is wrong the app shows the correct answer right away which helps them remember it. Speaking Times Tables is totally devoted to its basic purpose, teaching young children multiplication, and has no links to email, web pages, advertising or in-app purchases.

For a limited time, Speaking Times Tables HD 1.0.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category. The free launch period will only be in effect the first week of product release. After that the cost of the app is $1.99 (USD).

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