Doctor Spin Reinvents Apps with Hilarious Content and Device-Spinning

iPhone users who are tired of wading through the App Store in search of something unique, exciting, challenging and fun, can now get more than they possibly imagined by downloading Code Delivery Boy’s phenomenal new game, Doctor Spin. Designed to have users shrieking in horror and laughing with delight at the same time, Doctor Spin is unlike anything the mobile gaming world has seen before.

All the action unfolds in the castle of the app’s namesake, Doctor Spin, who – as one might expect from a mad scientist of his ilk – is conducting some rather questionable experiments. If successful, they’ll bring his devious and demented creations to life. Gamers assume the role of Doctor Spin’s plucky assistant, whose chief task is to collect “Zetas” that fuel the sinister creation process.

While the backstory is inventive and creative enough to earn the app a download, what makes Doctor Spin truly stand out is that in order to collect Zetas, gamers must spin their device around. It’s a totally new way for gamers to play on – and play with – their iPhone, and it stands to usher in a new genre of creative arcade apps.

Other special features of Doctor Spin include:
* A cast of horrifying, yet hilarious creatures – led, of course, by the inimitable Doctor Spin
* Fast-paced gameplay and a variety of maddening challenges to keep gamers engaged and playing hour after hour
* Stunning, hand-drawn art that has to be seen to be fully appreciated
* Fun, quirky sound effects and taunts that complement the app’s scary, yet thoroughly delightful look and feel
* The chance to bring to life 10 fascinating and fantastic creations – each one more hilariously horrifying than the last
* A scoreboard that tracks a variety of spin stats: Zetas collected, time spinning, total Zetas, total spin time and total spins
* A running list of accomplishments to track success
* A side-splitting “panic button”

“Creating Doctor Spin was truly a labor of love. We wanted to deliver an original experience in a world of copycat games,” commented Ed Erenberg of Code Delivery Boy, LLC. “We truly feel this is one of the most unique games out there. The fast gameplay, the characters and the amazing hand-drawn art really make this something special.”

Doctor Spin 1.0 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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