Clever App Helps Students Have Fun Doing Homework With Friends

HuddleUp, an app created by up and coming development company, HuddleUp LLC, is officially available in iTunes. HuddleUp is a unique app that allows users to digitally team up with their friends or fellow classmates and work together on homework and other like assignments. HuddleUp’s user-friendly design makes it simple and convenient for users to work with each other and tackle assignments. The GPS locater allows users to easily connect with their friends and form a “huddle” with those nearby.

“We wanted to create an app that helps students to complete homework faster by working together; an app by the students, for the students,” says Mayank Shah, CEO of HuddleUp LLC. “Through HuddleUp, users can collaborate with their friends to learn the material and finish the assignment, especially without the mistakes that are unknowingly repeated by those working alone.”

Once a huddle is created, users can assign each other certain questions, share an overall answer key, and maintain constant communication through chatroom discussion, all via their mobile device. Aside from HuddleUp’s easy-to-use interactive system, a setting called ‘parachuting’ is also featured, where users can wily escape from trouble and swipe their screen to hide answers and chats on their phone from any unwanted eyes.

“Students who work together on homework are statistically more likely to learn the material correctly, get higher homework grades, and translate that skill into better test scores. However, young students often lack transportation to reliably meet after school,” explains Shah. “HuddleUp can bridge that gap, empowering millions of students to take greater ownership of their education and carry that success forward in life. Not everyone has access to parents that can spend many hours each night working on homework with their kids. Thanks to HuddleUp, group cooperation on assignments has never been easier, or more accessible.”

HuddleUp 2.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

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