PasswordWallet Increases Security With iOS Touch ID Fingerprint Unlock

Selznick Scientific Software today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of PasswordWallet 4.8.1, a free update to its best-selling password management solution for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. PasswordWallet allows users to automatically sync all their passwords between all of their computers and mobile devices via Dropbox. Now in its sixteenth year, the regularly updated application is available for the following operating systems/platforms: Mac OS X, Apple iOS, MS Windows, Android, Windows Mobile, and Palm Pre.

PasswordWallet simply and securely encrypts and stores passwords, usernames, PIN numbers, combinations, personal notes, and other private information. All information is kept safe and easily available via Dropbox, one of the world’s largest personal file-hosting service, which is free and compatible with most operating systems.

“PasswordWallet is the only password manager that lets you easily backup, restore, and view your data with any computer with no special software or any paid-for services,” explains Sanford Selznick of Selznick Scientific Software. “PasswordWallet is a great safety net and comes fully functional, with no gimmicks, ads, or extra in-app purchases. We’re very excited about the new version of PasswordWallet and its ability for the user to unlock their wallet with this new Touch ID fingerprint scanner technology.”

Version 4.8.1 provides more functionality and features for iOS users. In addition to the new iOS 7 and 8 look and feel, PasswordWallet now features the iOS Touch ID fingerprint scanner, which is capable of 360-degree readability. Users can now unlock their wallet by using their fingerprint as the passcode. The update also includes the addition of advanced password generation templates so users can create more unique random passwords.

“PasswordWallet is a very powerful and secure Password Manager App for iOS devices,” says Imrul Haque of The Tech Journal. “I have just started using this app in my iPhone. PasswordWallet lets you easily backup, restore and view your data with any computer with no special software – even iTunes (is) not required!” (24 Feb 2012)

Feature Highlights:
* Open wallets quickly with Touch ID Fingerprint Unlock
* Fully function with no gimmics, ads or in-app purchases
* Retrieve passwords quickly and effortlessly
* Access passwords, usernames, and other private info with a single master password
* Synchronize passwords from a Mac to an iPhone or iPod touch
* Share passwords between a Mac, Palm, Windows Mobile, or Android compatible device
* Fill usernames and passwords with PasswordWallet’s unique “works-anywhere” Auto-Typing technology
* Backup and restore iPhone data with no special software (not even iTunes)
* Enter multiple usernames and passwords across multiple web pages with Auto-Typing
* Uses fast BlowFish encryption algorithm with 448-bit keys to protect data
* Organize passwords into an unlimited number of user-defined categories
* Network Synchronization Wizard enables one touch sync between multiple devices
* Full Dropbox synchronization support via Dropbox Tokens
* Personalize synchronization preferences
* Advanced auto-fill of username and password for web sites
* Integrated Help function is always available
* Universal app

PasswordWallet makes it easy for users to lock and unlock all of their passwords with a single master password. Web addresses can even be saved, and PasswordWallet will launch the default browser automatically. Usernames or passwords that are copied to the clipboard are cleared automatically shortly after they are pasted.

“(PasswordWallet) is great for folks who heed the security warnings we’re always hearing and have set up strong passwords with a combination of letters, numbers, and punctuation marks,” says Daniel Dern of TabletPCReview, who composed an article highlighting the Best Password Management Apps for the iPad and iPhone. “Those ‘strong’ passwords can be especially hard to recall, and hard to type repeatedly each time you need to use them – especially if you’re holding the iPad in one hand and trying to type on the screen with the other!” (21 Nov 2013)

Users can quickly login to any website with PasswordWallet’s auto-typing feature. All data is kept safe and protected with 448-bit key Blowfish encryption algorithm. Additionally, PasswordWallet includes a free utility to retrieve lost data from an iTunes backup if the user’s device is ever lost or stolen.

PasswordWallet 4.8.1 is only $4.99 (USD) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Utilities category. PasswordWallet also is available as a download for Mac OS X, Windows, Palm, and Android from the website. Users who purchase the iOS version receive a free multiplatform coupon, which provides a 25% discount towards the purchase of the Mac OS X or Windows versions of PasswordWallet. PasswordWallet for Mac and Windows are also available as a free trial download directly from the website.

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