Quiztador released for iOS – Fast-Paced, Multiplayer Trivia Game

Indie game developers PiJa have just released their latest title Quiztador 1.1, a fast-paced, age of conquest themed multiplayer trivia game for iOS. The free-to-play game draws on some of the most popular features from modern game shows, with various tactical tools to help you beat your opponents, such as 50:50 or copy an answer. Build up your available time before the elimination rounds and try to be the last one standing!

At its core, the game is a trivia challenge where 2-4 players prove their mettle in a wide selection of categories ranging from Fashion to Computer & Video games. The basic gameplay is straight forward with four rounds of three question sets, each with four answer options. Each correct answer builds up time – time that ticks down in the following elimination rounds until only one player remains.

Drawing on popular features from modern game shows, the gameplay has added depth by including various tactical tools, such as 50:50 which eliminates two wrong answers and gives the player a 50:50 chance at being right. Or, if you think your opponent knows better, why not copy their answer? The tactics must be chosen wisely however, as they can only be used once per game.

For every completed game the player earns Gold, the single in game currency used to unlock more tactical tools and put together a unique look for your in game avatar. The game features an Elo-based rating system to provide a leaderboard and match players to similar opponents.

Quiztador 1.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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