Star Admiral 1.10 brings live streaming via Twitch to iPhone and iPad

Berlin based and venture capital funded mobile gaming studio Hardscore Games today announces the release of update 1.10 for their strategic multiplayer game Star Admiral. This version includes a rare feature in the mobile world, a direct integration of the Twitch SDK, which allows every player with a Twitch account to stream their gameplay to a worldwide audience, using their built-in microphone and camera. The update also features ten new units, which introduce completely new mechanics into the game. Hardscore Games also has been busy polishing the whole experience, introducing new sound effects, improved graphics and better performance especially on older devices like iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

Highlights of version 1.10:
* Twitch integration – live gameplay streams from everywhere
* In-app browser to see other players streams
* 10 new units with completely new mechanics to explore
* Improved performance and loading times
* New 3D background art
* Balancing of existing units
* Fixed bugs that affected online play

By building on well established card game mechanics and adapting them to the mobile platform, Star Admiral creates a new class of competitive games for smartphones. By combining deep strategic freedom, stunning 3D art and a little bit of luck every battle fought in “Star Admiral” becomes a hugely satisfying experience. Star Admiral is Free To Play, but more importantly it’s also Free To Win. “Players will not hit a pay wall or be able to buy units other users can’t. This has become a major sore point for real gamers on mobile and Hardscore Games wants to show that free to play for hardcore gamers on mobile is the new trend in mobile gaming,” says Peter Morczinek COO of Hardscore Games.

This is Star Admiral:
* Collectible Card Game: collect over 100 3D space ships, strikes and traps and assemble the ultimate fleet
* 3 main and 14 side factions with spectacular special effects and unlockable Elite skins
* Achieve victories in quick PvP-Matches to advance to Star Admiral and climb the leader boards
* Skill-based player matching: always play against human or AI enemies that match your level
* Elaborate crafting system: salvage old units to gain new epic and legendary units

Star Admiral 1.10 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. An Android version will follow in a few months.

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