Track Kit – Record and Share Your Best Travel Experience

Lifeware Solutions today is proud to announce the release of Track Kit Pro v1.4, their innovative GPS tracking application developed for iPhone and iPad devices. Hikers, runners, tourists, drivers, hunters and fishermen can record and share their GPS tracks, pictures, notes, recommendations and guides. The application helps to keep and share memories about great events, journeys and adventures.

* Offline maps: map caching for offline usage
* Multiple alternative maps: Google, Bing, Bike, Hiking and others
* Works with multiple tracks: display and compare all your tracks at once.
* Different color schemas for tracks: gradients for speed, vertical speed and altitude
* Quick camera button to take pictures without switching to full-screen camera
* Infinite number of waypoints
* GPS saving mode for long trips to save battery
* Augmented reality and label tracking
* Analog and digital speedometers, compass and military rangefinder with a set of sniper scopes
* Search tracks at Track Kit website companion
* Works on all devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Track Sharing Feature:
* Share tracks via e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter
* Import and export GPX, KML, KMZ files
* Share tracks at Track Kit website

Track Kit allows you to create amazing tourist guides and save and edit your trails, add your photos and waypoints to a trip route, link images and videos to your map, embed maps and photos to your blog or website. offers a set of unique features for presenting your GPS tracks: image gallery combined with map, automatic GPS track playback, google street view video generation.

Track Kit Pro v1.4 is $2.99 USD for a limited time. Track Kit Pro is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Navigation category.

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