Personalize Your Keyboard and Chat Fonts with FancyKey Keyboard 1.1

Pinssible Labs today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of FancyKey Keyboard 1.1, their new personalized keyboard for iPhone and iPod touch. FancyKey Keyboard offers a variety of choices for the user to personalize their communications without compromising their privacy. The app allows anyone to personalize their device’s keyboard with a library of fancy fonts, emojis, and themes.

In addition to more than 25 unique fancy fonts that users can choose from, FancyKey Keyboard features dozens of different emoticons. There are also over 1,000 different emoji art examples that users can select from to create Emoji art compositions or make their communications even more compelling. FancyKey Keyboard includes 6 colorful background themes that can be applied to the device’s keyboard. Unlike many other third-party keyboards, FancyKey Keyboard allows the users to maintain their privacy and can be fully operational without requiring “Full Access.”

Feature Highlights:
* Dozens of unique fonts and emojis to choose from
* Advanced Predictive Technology powered by Adaptxt Technology for quick typing
* Intuitive integrated Emoji / Emoticon keyboard
* Over 1,000 Emoji art examples
* Supports System Settings shortcuts
* 6 colorful themes
* Set-up tutorial
* Ability to use in a variety of apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and many others
* Ability to turn on/off sound
* Quick and easy access
* Does not require “Full Access” to be operational so privacy can be maintained

FancyKey Keyboard contains Advanced Predictive Technology powered by Adaptxt Technology. This allows FancyKey Keyboard to input characters as quickly as a regular SwiftKey keyboard. This predictive technology can also anticipate emojis so the user no longer needs to hunt through the entire library to find the art they desire. To increase the personalization experience, FancyKey Keyboard additionally provides users the ability to easily customize the predictive, auto-correct, sound and shortcut settings.

FancyKey Keyboard is compatible with a wide variety of applications including:
* Facebook Messenger
* Twitter
* Kik Messenger
* WhatsApp
* Line
* WeChat
* Secret
* Whisper
* And all other apps

“Bored with the default system fonts? Frustrated by the Copy-and-Paste options offered by other apps? Then FancyKey Keyboard is the answer!” says Paul Yan of Pinssible Labs. “The development of iOS 8 opened a door for many third party keyboard apps but FancyKey Keyboard aims to dominate the market for personalization keyboard apps. One of the ways we do this is by allowing users to maintain privacy in their communications. Naturally, this is a huge concern since users could inadvertently share sensitive information with developers. Almost all keyboard apps in the market require Full Access rights to work properly, including well-known players like SwiftKey and Fleksy. FancyKey Keyboard is unique by working without Full Access rights, unless the user opts in to turn on some special features. FancyKey Keyboard takes the user’s privacy seriously. FancyKey Keyboard also offers a large variety of fonts, emojis and themes in addition to cutting-edge technology for quick and easy access. We also plan to continue developing FancyKey Keyboard so we can provide more options in the future.”

FancyKey Keyboard 1.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category.

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