Flickers rejoice – Frog Flick updated for iOS

In March of 2014, Frog Flick was released as a fun, endless runner for all ages. If you can flick your finger, you can master Frog Flick. What originally started out as a side project, transformed into a full blown app that gets updated almost every week. The creators of Frog Flick update the game frequently, forging a unique gaming experience that’s constantly changing over time.

Frog Flick has been redesigned to include a more user friendly interface. A shop has been added to allow users to change frog skins. Each frog now has a unique ability, which may increase the length of a swim. Flies have been added so the frog will grow over the course of a swim. When the frog increases in size, so does the multiplier for the player. Bigger frog equals increased scores.

“We are excited for the release of version 2 of Frog Flick,” said Cam Heikkinen, co-founder of A Sling and a Stone. “Our vision is to massage this game over time and create a one of a kind gaming experience. We want our users to be captivated by the transformation of our app with each update.”

* Frog movement based on how far you flick
* Frog dive ability
* Fun frog sounds and music
* Compete against friends
* Frog based achievements

Frog Flick version 2 is Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category.

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