Love, Sex and Relationships Available for Android and iOS devices

Deadpan Dodo today is proud to announce the release of Love, Sex & Relationships – Words gone AWOL! 1.001, its latest free creation for all Android and iOS devices, including the Kindle family. Relax and have fun while improving your cultural knowledge and spelling! In Love, Sex & Relationships – Words gone AWOL!, the aim is to guess the missing word in a quote about love, sex or relationships.

“When we created Love, Sex & Relationships – Words gone AWOL we had in mind a game that will not only allow the player to relax and have fun, but also improve their cultural knowledge and spelling.” said one of the creators.

All the quotes have been hand-picked from well-known writers, such as Honore de Balzac, Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw; stand-up comedians, like Bill Cosby, Groucho Marx or Woody Allen, and from well-known actresses, such as Marilyn Monroe, Mae West and Marlene Dietrich, just to name a few. The player has to type the missing word that completes the quote with a given set of letters, and try to work his way through all 30 levels.

“Our company is forever linked to originality, and we are focused on creating fun while smart games that are suitable for players of different ages. Love, Sex & Relationships – Words gone AWOL is an easy but challenging puzzle game, where everyone can improve their brain skills, while having fun.” says CEO of Deadpan Dodo.

Love, Sex & Relationships – Words gone AWOL! was designed and created using HybriD*, Deadpan Dodo’s proprietary game engine, based on the lua SDK Corona from CoronaLabs. HybriD* supports all iOS devices, all Android devices, as well as all Kindle readers.

Love, Sex & Relationships – Words gone AWOL! 1.001 is Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. There are also Android versions on Google Play and Amazon.

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