AirBoy soars onto the Mobile Market

The Phoenix Digital Group today is proud to announce the release of AirBoy 1.0, their new game title for iOS and Android devices. AirBoy is a tap-to-fly adventure game that combines classic side-scrollers with physics games and billiard style problem solving coupled with beautiful story book graphics.

AirBoy has a massive sweet-tooth, fully-functional card-board wings and an unbeatable sense of adventure! AirBoy may have been sent outside to play, but all he can think about are do-nuts and cake; nothing will stop him from getting them! Maneuver AirBoy through each level while collecting do-nuts, finding and collecting the hidden cupcakes and knocking out enemies. You will need to use Grandpa’s teeth, which are scattered all over the world, as a weapon and tool in each level by hitting them at the right angle to make them fly and bounce into enemies, obstacles, cupcakes, do-nuts, or other teeth. You can use the teeth to help you collect the items you need in each level.

Every new world you unlock will have it’s own unique challenges such as lava with fireballs, slippery ice, low gravity as well as their own unique enemies such as hedgehogs, bats, fish, beetles, aliens and so on. AirBoy is an addicting game with cute characters, beautiful environments, fun gameplay and catchy music.

AirBoy is loaded with features like simple touch controls. Simply tap the screen and Airboy flaps his way into the sky. The controls may be simple, but the challenge isn’t. The player must approach objects at the correct angle to solve puzzles and collect the sweets. AirBoy’s adventure takes him everywhere! Deep beneath the ocean, into frozen wastelands and even to the moon! Each unlock-able world presents its own unique challenges and/or physics.

AirBoy is the brainchild of Travis Tobias and Eric Ewing: an award-winning duo of animation talent and design know-how. Pairing Travis’ original design work with Eric’s love of problem solving was a no-brainer, and together they formed the Phoenix Digital Group after having worked together in a variety of media including feature films. AirBoy is the first release from the team, who are already working on a follow-up. The guys aren’t done with AirBoy though, the two have plans to continue supporting AirBoy in the future with new content updates for as long as people want to play them.

AirBoy 1.0 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

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