Airplane Race Math Games Just Reduced from $1.99 to Free

Mastering grade school math takes lots of practice, and if children aren’t enjoying themselves while they learn, they’re not going to focus and gain the skills they need to success. Cool Math Games for Fun, LLC, a maker of a variety of math games for kids, has made learning and improving in addition, subtraction, mutliplication and division more fun by creating games with a fun plane race theme. This new plane racing games for iOS makes it fun for kids to learn elementary mathematics!

“Our games are a perfect mix of fun and education. They put your child’s interest and attention into the equation, and that’s the key to their success in math!” explained Ryan Wade, CEO of Cool Math Games for Fun, LLC. “Your child or students will become better at primary level arithmetic when they’re enjoying themselves while they do it, or even competing against friends or classmates, so there’s a “reward” for their effort. Our math plane races games were made with elementary school aged children in mind. They’ll jump in their plane, start answering questions, and fly ahead of their competition by answering questions correctly.”

Other planes will be hot on their trail, and they’ll be motivated to get better at math so they can speed ahead to victory. Different difficulty levels help them progress in their learning until they’ve mastered addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with ease. Both boys and girls trying to improve in math enjoy these racing math games. It’s not boring homework or worksheets, they’re exciting plane race games that they’ll have fun playing.

Our games are fun because we build them with the input of our own children. We want them to have fun while learning so they’ll want to learn, and they’re retain the knowledge they gain. While testing this game, an employee of Cool Math Games for Fun had the opportunity to let his 9-year old son who had been struggling with multiplication play one of our race games for a couple days:

“Jonah loves the Multiplication Race game. I had him play it to see how he liked it, and he was reluctant at first because he knew it was an educational game. But the racing aspect really appealed to him. After a couple races he decided that he was going to keep playing it until he got 100% of the questions correct. By the time he was done playing, he had decided that he can do multiplication and he’s good at it. I noticed a huge boost in his confidence, and that’s led to increased effort from him in math. Within a couple days he had achieved a 100% score on the advanced difficulty level and he was so proud of his accomplishment. I love this game. I can’t wait to release the free version.”

And it gets even better. Future updates will include social features that allow you to race against friends or classmates as you vie for the top spot on the Game Center leaderboard, making this an even more fun and interactive way to learn grade school math.

Air Plane Race Multiplication 1.0 is now Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category. Be sure to check out our other fun math racing games, including cars and bikes fun math games.

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