kEmoji brings themes, custom emoji, and more via iOS 8 keyboard

Atlantia Software today unveiled kEmoji, an all new iOS 8 Custom Emoji Keyboard. The app improves upon the default emoji keyboard by adding the ability to apply new color themes, a contextual search feature that produces suggested emoji based on text you’ve already typed, and even provides several packs of custom “kEmoji” (emoticons and GIFs that go above and beyond the Unicode emoji) that can be used in any app, directly from the keyboard. To round things out, users will find a new “Top Emoji” section that tracks the emoji you’ve used the most over time, a list view for seeing the short description of any emoji, and even standard alphanumeric keyboards that are also theme-able.

kEmoji was created by a two-person team consisting of developer Nick Bonatsakis and his counter-part product visionary, designer, and marketer, Will Philbrick. “As soon as we saw the announcement around custom keyboards in iOS 8, we knew we wanted to take the default emoji keyboard to the next level”, said Philbrick when asked about the motivation behind the app. “We felt strongly that people would love personalizing their keyboard experience, so we built a really awesome theme builder and packed the app full of great pre-built themes as well.

Additionally, we saw how limiting the standard Unicode emoji set can be, so we created a very convenient system for using totally new emoji and GIFs that we’re calling ‘kEmojis’ so that we can provide a virtually limitless number of new emoji over time.” Regarding some of the usability improvements, Bonatsakis added, “I really love the contextual search and Top Emoji sections in particular. To me, its all about how we can make it easer for a user to find the emoji they want for a particular message and get out quickly.”

kEmoji 1.0.1 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category.

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