STEP Journal for Life is the Ultimate Visual Journal – Now on Android

Innovative life journal developer WePlanet announced today that lifelogging has taken a giant leap forward with the release of the STEP Personal Smart Journal on the Android platform. Live blogging, journaling and an increasing focus on up-to-the-minute communication is the impetus behind the STEP Personal Smart Journal, an automatic journaling app that makes intelligent usage of existing resources.

Helping users capture and tell the stories of their lives, STEP Journal makes intelligent use of smartphones, apps, social media and wearable devices to gather all of the scattered moments of life into a hyper-connected, information-rich and up-to-the-minute journal. The Android-based app, now available on the Google Play store, STEP Journal is remarkably easy to use, and lets users add value of self-awareness and reflection, added meaning and cute icons. And the iOS version has been featured on over 100 App stores such as US, Japan, China, and more. ‘Web-version’, as a facilitator to store precious memories, edit entries, and add more thoughts, will be opened in the near future.

“In today’s hyper-connected world, peoples’ digital footprints tend to get scattered throughout cyberspace,” noted a WePlanet spokesperson. “STEP Journal merges those scattered footprints into a single location automatically, presenting a single timeline. Not only is it easy to share, that meaningful log helps STEP Journal users understand themselves better.”

STEP Journal can be shared, but it is not automatic; it is completely private and personal unless the user decides to share it. As a personal self-help and development tool, STEP Journal helps users gather multiple logs into a meaningful presentation, see their daily patterns at a glance, and more easily spot opportunities for improvement.

“STEP Journal is more than just another blogging platform. It captures everything about the user’s life in a fully visual, personalized and private platform – delivering a venue that goes way beyond information for its own sake. By capturing daily moments and adding relevant details as needed with just a few clicks, users are able to embrace the lifelogging lifestyle as the ultimate self-improvement tool.”

As an automatic journaling tool, STEP Journal takes the tedium out of recording life’s everyday tasks. Keeping the STEP Timeline meaningful and correct, the app also adds several shortcuts, including a Favorites list, a Bookmarks function and automatic calendar and location-based services.

* Seamless import of status, places, pictures, and tagged friends from social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook, Swarm and Instagram
* Events from Calendars
* Photos and locations form the smartphone Camera Roll
* Locations using GPS
* Data from fitness tracking devices such as Jawbone UP and Fitbit

STEP – Journal for Life app 1.4.0 is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Lifestyle category. It is also available on Google Play for Android devices.

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