Reach Your Health and Weight Goals with BMI Explorer Pro 1.0 for iOS

Duo-Pisces today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of BMI Explorer Pro 1.0, their new health and fitness app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. BMI Explorer Pro is designed to be a broader, more complete tool than the original BMI Explorer, which was released earlier in 2014. BMI Explorer Pro includes all the functions of BMI Explorer plus a variety of new features.

Upon launching the app, BMI Explorer Pro automatically displays the current date. Users may easily change this timestamp to enter in additional measurements by tapping the calendar icon. For global users, BMI Explorer Pro displays units in both English and metric measurements.

After setting height and weight bars with the easy-to-use sliders, BMI Explorer Pro automatically displays the user’s BMI (body mass index) results, which can then immediately be saved. Based on the measurements entered, BMI Explorer Pro will inform the user if they are outside the normal BMI parameters and how much weight they need to gain or lose to be within the normal BMI range. BMI Explorer Pro also includes a speech function so users can listen to a convenient assessment of their health.

Feature Highlights:
* Simple and intuitive User Interface
* Displays BMI results instantly
* Securely saves weight, heigh, and BMI values along with time
* Plots saved data in professional chart
* Detailed analysis of data to show the trend of progress
* Ability to print hard copy of data plots via any wireless printer connected to device
* Offers useful advice on how to lose weight
* Available in metric and English systems
* Speech function available
* Includes Fun Facts related to weight and health
* Universal app

BMI Explorer Pro securely saves weight, height, and BMI data along with the timestamp within the user’s device. Three professional plots on height, weight, and BMI are available so the user can view progress or identify any trends over time. Users can also select metric or English measurement and an on/off feature of displaying the user’s stats. This detailed analysis of the user’s health data is displayed in a colorful graph that can be exported to any wireless printer connected to the user’s device.

To help the user reach their health and fitness goals, BMI Explorer Pro offers useful advice on how to lose weight covering a variety of topics such as healthy eating, exercise, and stress reduction. BMI Explorer Pro also includes fun facts related to health and weight loss as a way to challenge and motivate users to reach or maintain their fitness goals.

“BMI Explorer Pro truly goes above and beyond the competition to help anyone who wants to keep their weight and health in control,” says Christine Wang of Duo-Pisces. “Whether you are looking to keep yourself fit or have just launched a weight loss program, BMI Explorer Pro is the best tool to help you reach your goals!”

BMI Explorer Pro 1.0 is only $1.99 (USD) and available exclusively through the App Store in the Health & Fitness category. An Android version is also available on Google Play.

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