Sandton Technologies asks are you good2go with affirmative consent app

Out of necessity is often born genius. Today, Santon Technologies announced the launch of their flagship app, Good2Go. Available on iTunes and Google Play, this free app has been designed as a tool to facilitate communication/education about affirmative consent and the prevention of sexual assault on college campuses, nationwide.

The issue of “affirmative consent” has become a hot political topic.. The White House has mandated that colleges and universities take aggressive actions to help stem the tide of sexual assaults on campus. The State of California has passed a bill through the State Senate that would require young men and women to obtain affirmative consent from potential partners before engaging in sexual activity. Colleges and universities are caught in the middle, trying to protect students and themselves from harm, while providing an open environment that allows young people to control their own lives.

Living in the digital, mobile age, some have asked “why isn’t there an app for that?” Thus was born Good2Go, a free and easy-to-use mobile app that allows users to obtain affirmative consent before engaging in sexual activity. Good2Go protects both women and men from unwanted or regretted sexual activity. The Good2Go app, designed by parents of college-aged kids, provides a non-threatening, safe way for college students to have honest conversations about sex. It reinforces that “no means no,” “only yes means yes” and “yes can be changed to no at any time.”

Further, this app addresses the issue of alcohol or drug impairment when one or both parties may not be able to give consent. Good2Go takes a “prevention and education first” approach to reducing sexual misconduct and assaults on campus. The app is simple and easy to use, and user information is kept private and secure.

The app is privately funded by a group of concerned citizens who want to affect change and do something positive that helps reduce sexual assault on campus over the long term: “Good2Go facilitates clear communication between potential partners while educating them in the language of affirmative consent”, said Lee Ann Allman, president of Santon Technologies. “As parents of college students, we knew that they and their friends were aware of the problem of sexual assaults and miscommunication on college campuses, but they weren’t sure what they were supposed to be saying or doing. Good2Go was created to help them navigate these situations quickly and privately, thereby reducing assaults and unwanted or regretted encounters.”

Good2Go 1.0 is Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Lifestyle category. There is also an Android version available on Google Play.

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