Make it for Teachers & School for the iPad

Planet Factory Company is pleased to introduce Make It, a powerful new iPad tool for teachers, parents and students to quickly and easily create their own individual educational games and activities. They can then share them with family, friends, colleagues, classes or individuals through social media or email, and can be played on any device or operating language.

With Make It users can create games, activities, books, tales, slideshows and share it with this incredible app for iPad & iPad mini. Make It is a powerful authoring tool for iPad combining multiple dynamic templates, proven didactic methodology and professional presentation techniques in one easy-to-use app.

* Create dynamic interactive games for classroom or students
* Share projects with anyone, on any platform (PC, MAC, iPad, Android), anywhere
* Connect via the cloud, email or social networks
* Personalizable content and downloadable libraries
* Unlimited output with 8 different interactive dynamic activities to choose from
* A powerful storyteller to help kids develop their creativity and narrative skills
* Introduce or reinforce complex concepts in a way students really connect with
* Embedded educational methodology
* Recommended Age: To use the app, 7 (readers) but to play the games, 0+

The app comes with interactive menus, drawing, memory, relationships and quizzes (including written), a range of themes and multiple content libraries to access from the outset or users can select their own content to include. No other app allows you to create the range of personalized games and activities that are included in Make It. ‘Make It for teachers and schools’; it’s unique on the Apple Store!

Make it for Teachers & School – tool for classroom to create & share educational games and activities (Premium) 1.6 is $4.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

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