Selfie:Wars turns the Photo Trend into an Outrageously Fun & Risque Game

With all of those selfies posted around the world, you’d think someone would have thought of Selfie Wars sooner – but now, Onsel Akin at PunchBoom Games has done it! The app creates new excitement and intrigue for millions of users, who can set up game questions and quizzes you’ll have to answer in order to see that silly or special selfie that you’ve just been dying to share.

“Think of a scenario where a girl sends her selfie to her boyfriend,” explains Akin, co-founder of the PunchBoom enterprise in Istanbul. “Her boyfriend must beat the games she chose to see his girlfriend’s selfie. The game creates these fun, special moments shared privately between the couple, but it’s also creating lots of laughs as families, friends, colleagues and teammates enjoy the fanfare and photos.”

Games like “Selfie Quiz” and “Selfie Crush” are easy to use from your iPhone, and you can log in from a Facebook or email account in a snap. Set up one of the four games like “Burning Giraffe” – it requires you to safely fly a flappy giraffe through an obstacle course first – and your selfie shot will be obscured or scrambled until the game is “won.” The user also may view other Selfie Wars shots posted from around the world. But the app offers other alternatives, too, including anonymous settings – you can send your selfie to a friend or the planet, but it remains a mystery when using the Selfie Wars settings.

* Four fun games with high-quality graphics, color and production elements
* Easy access via Facebook or email login
* Privacy settings that allow you to remain anonymous, even from Facebook friends
* A special couples’ quiz-game feature, where you write the questions personally

The app is designed for adults and children ages 12 and older, and may include mature or suggestive themes that include mild profanity, or references to alcohol or sexual content.

Selfie:Wars 1.0 is currently Free and available worldwide through the iTunes App Store in the Games category. Get started right away with your selfie-ography.

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