Create Your Own Beats With Triqtraq – Now Also on iPad

Zaplin Music releases an iPad version of triqtraq, the award-winning app for mobile music creation. The iPad version improves upon the accessible musical interface that was introduced to the iPhone in 2012, and comes as a free update for existing users. New customers can buy triqtraq for the special iPad introduction price of $2.99 / Euro2,69 / GBP1.99 until the end of September.

Triqtraq is a mobile music sequencer for musicians or DJ’s who want to make music on the go, or improvise live. The one-window interface of triqtraq was designed with speed in mind. A four channel groovebox allows for instant beat creation, and a set of effect faders encourages to shape your sound in real-time. Because all fader movements get recorded in the loop instantly, it is possible to come up with entire songs by improvising.

“We wanted to create a tool that makes it easy to come up with new grooves and melodies, without compromising a deep level of control,” says developer Sebastian Schatz. “While beginning musicians get along with triqtraq quickly, more experienced users enjoy to explore the effect automation possibilities and flexible rhythm programming.”

In addition to more than 400 sounds that come installed with triqtraq, it is possible to record your own sounds with the microphone, or import your own samples. The iPad version of triqtraq comes with a set of new tutorial videos that can be watched on the Triqtraq website.

New In Triqtraq 1.5:
* iPad interface
* iOS 8 support
* Inter-App Audio support
* “Open in…” export option, allows to export to apps such as Dropbox

* 4 channels for rhythmic or melodic phrases
* Live input or step editing for detailed composing
* Extensive effect automation (recording of fader movements)
* Specify the length of a sequence per track with the Loop Range feature
* Change sounds while jamming
* Record your own sounds with the internal microphone
* WIST technology: jam together with a friend by syncing to another device over Bluetooth
* Export real-time jams, patterns or queues to SoundCloud, Audio Copy, E-mail or iTunes
* Audiobus support
* Inter-App Audio: use triqtraq as a generator in Inter-App Audio compatible hosts
* Use sounds from the 400 factory sample library, or import your own sounds with iTunes

To celebrate the release of the iPad version, triqtraq 1.5.0 is on sale for the discounted price of $2.99 / Euro2,69 / GBP1.99 until the end of September 2014 and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category. From October 2014 the price is $3,99 / Euro3,59 / GBP2.49.

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